Introduction to Boolean Algebra and Fundamentals of Logic Gates

Fundamentals of Logic Gates

History and Introduction

George Boole, in his work entitled ‘An Investigation of the Laws of Thought’, on which are established the Mathematical Theories of Logic and Probability (1854), presented the fundamental ideas of a two-values (paired) framework called Boolean Algebra.

This work was later sorted out and systemized by Claude Shannon in ‘Representative Analysis of Relay and Switching Circuits (1938)’. The computerized plan since that time has been essentially standard and progressed, following Boole’s and Shannon’s essentials, with included refinements to a great extent as new information has been uncovered and increasingly outlandish rationale gadgets have been created.

The advanced structure is the field of study relating the adjustment of Logic ideas to the plan of conspicuous, feasible, and dependable advanced equipment.

When we start the investigation of rationale, computerized rationale, twofold frameworks, exchanging circuits, or any different fields of concentrate that can be delegated being identified with the advanced plan, we should concern ourselves with taking in some philosophical premises from which we should dispatch our examinations. So as to arrive at an attractive hypothetical, just as calculated, comprehension of computerized equipment or digital hardware.

What are Logic Gates?

Logic gates are the fundamental building blocks of Digital Systems or components. The basic gates are the AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, EX-OR (XOR), EX-NOR (XNOR). The basic operations of logic gates are tabulated below with the help of the table called Truth Table or Logic Table. The equation best describes the logic behavior of the logic gate is called a boolean equation or logic equation.

Truth Table

A truth table is a tabular or graphical representation of all possible combinations of input variables to produce meaningful output.

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