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SoC/IP Pre-silicon verification of VLSI Design

Post Views: 6 Pre-silicon verification is a vital aspect of VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) design, involving the validation of a design before its physical fabrication. This step is crucial for ensuring that the design functions correctly and meets its specified requirements. Pre-silicon verification typically includes extensive simulation and analysis using specialized tools and methodologies. …

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What is System on Chip

What is System on Chip (SoC) ?

Post Views: 41 Introduction: The world of electronics has experienced a remarkable transformation with the advent of System on Chip (SoC) technology. These highly integrated circuits have revolutionized the way electronic systems are designed, offering unprecedented levels of performance, power efficiency, and miniaturization. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the intricacies of SoCs, their …

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VLSI Companies in India – Apply Today

Post Views: 55 The semiconductor industry, which is presently an indistinguishable piece of practically all areas, has arisen as perhaps the main business. It shapes a fundamental piece of every electronic thing. It characterizes how productively and keenly we live. India has turned into the center for semiconductor plan with almost 2,000 chips being planned …

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Cadence Tutorial 2

Post Views: 1,143 Introduction to the Company: Cadence is extending its semiconductor technology knowledge into the system-level design and fueling artificial intelligence with our Intelligent System Design™ strategy. This means they can offer the world’s most creative companies the broadest, most integrated end-to-end solution to help today’s electronic designers do their best work creating tomorrow’s …

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