Difference Between BJT and FET


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Most of you have seen both the components (BJT and FET) in physical and observed that they look very similar, or we can say their packaging is of similar type.

Today we are going to discuss one very important and most confusing topic of electronics, that is BJT (Bipolar Junction Transistor) vs FET (Field Effect Transistor).

I hope this article will be very much helpful for the semester examination of different universities and definitely to the students who are preparing for various competitive examinations along with GATE and NET.

BJT and FET both are semiconductor devices and are mainly used for the design of the amplifier and switch in an electronic circuit for various useful operation. still, they have some differences in superiority and functionality.

There is a huge list of differences and similarities between BJT and FET, but we have tabulated some most important differences and similarities which will guide to the use of these components in practice or in various electronics circuit design for your projects.

Difference Between BJT and FET

Similarities Between BJT and FET

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