Electrical VS Electronic

Electrical vs Electronics

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Almost every human being is surrounded by the electrical and electronic components or devices such as television, air-condition, room heater, mobile phone, personal computers and etc . or you can say we are so dependent on such things that our life cannot run a single minute without these components.

Today we are going to discuss one very important topic of electronics, that is Electrical VS Electronic.

I hope this article will be very much helpful for the semester examination of different universities and definitely for the students or aspirants who are preparing for various competitive examinations job interviews of different PSUs such as GAIL ( Gas Authority of India Limited), BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited), NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation) and many more along with GATE and NET.

It is very important for an engineering student to know and understand the differences between Electrical devices and electronic devices.

There is a huge list of differences “Electrical and Electronic”, but we have tabulated some most important differences which will guide to the use of these components in practice or in various electronics circuit design for your projects.

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