Free Webinar on VLSI Design and Verification [11:00 am, 19-07-2020]

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B.E / B. Tech graduates from branches of Engineering such as Electronics & Communication (ECE), Electronics and Telecommunication (ETC), Applied Electronics and Instrumentation (AE&I), Electrical & Electronics (EEE), Instrumentation Technology (IT) with a good understanding of concepts related to Fundamental Circuits (Gate level and Functional Level ) and Digital System Designing are generally considered for the role of the design engineer and verification engineer in chip design and verification industry.

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The dream of manufacturing chips in India is going to be true in the near future with a huge demand for employability of properly skilled electronics engineers.

Every year lakh of engineering students are graduating across the country and many of them are from various streams of Electronics (Electronics and Telecommunications (ETC), Electronics and Communications (EC), Electrical and Electronics (EEE), Applied Electronics and Instrumentation (AE&I), Electronics and Instrumentation (E&I) and etc.

Engineering graduates must understand that degree in electronics is not enough to get into the electronics industry. students skilled in Semiconductor technology, skilled in VHDL /Verilog programming, and other important CAD tools of electronics with the knowledge of VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration ) will be able to find their path in this industry.

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