(ECE/ETC/CS/Electronics) ASIC Digital Design Engr, I, Hyderabad (INDIA)

22699BR INDIA – Hyderabad

Job Description and Requirements

We are a team working on producing highly optimized hardware IP for the ARC family of 32-bit configurable processors.

We are looking for an engineer like you to be part of the team to work on our world-class microprocessors that allow our customers to develop highly optimized and very sophisticated embedded designs.

  • Fresh graduate with an engineering degree in Electronics/Computers
  • Good understanding of Digital design, Processor architecture, synthesis, place, and route, in general, VLSI design flow.
  • Familiar with EDA tools such as VCS, VERDI, SPYGLASS, etc.
  • Good knowledge of programming at assembly and C/C++ level
  • Excellent communications skills in English, both oral and written
  • Good analytical and program solving skills
  • Good demonstration of enthusiasm, drive, and diligence
  • Keen to work in a multi-site global development team

Job Category: Engineering Hire Type: Employee Country: India

Click here to apply online: https://sjobs.brassring.com/TGnewUI/Search/Home/Home?partnerid=25235&siteid=5359#jobDetails=1481422_5359

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