JSPL Placement Papers

Section Process 

It involves an initial screening test that shall have Aptitude Based (Quantitative, Reasoning & English) & Technical (B.E/ B.Tech Domain Specific) Questions followed by Interview (Technical & HR Rounds).

Aptitude Based Test:


 If the following numbers are rewritten by interchanging the digits in tenth places and hundredth place and then arranging them in descending order. What will be the second digit of the newly formed fifth number from your right?

479, 736, 895, 978, 389, 675

(A) 3

(B) 4

(C) 5

(D) 6

Ans : (C)

P is 60 m South-East of Q. R is 60 m North-East of Q. Then R is in which direction of P ?

(A) North

(B) North-East

(C) South

(D) South-East

Ans : (A)

Directions.(next three questions) Read the following information for answering the questions that follow.

On a playing ground A, B, C, D and E are standing as described below facing the North.

(i) B is 50 metres to the right of D.

(ii) A is 60 metres to the South of B

(iii) C is 40 metres to the West of D.

(iv) E is 80 metres to the North of A.

If a boy walks from C, meets D followed by B, A, and then E, how many meters has he walked if he has traveled the straight distance all through?

(A) 120

(B) 150

(C) 170

(D) 230

Ans : (D)

What is the minimum distance (in metre approximately) between C and E?

(A) 53

(B) 78

(C) 92

(D) 120

Ans : (C)

Who is to the South-East of the person who is to the left of D ?

(A) A

(B) B

(C) C

(D) E

Ans : (A)

 A man was walking in the evening just before the sunset. His wife said that his shadow fell on his right. If the wife was walking in the opposite direction of the man, then which direction the wife was facing?

(A) North

(B) West

(C) South

(D) East

Ans : (C)

Express a speed of 36 kmph in meters per second?

A. 10 mps

B. 12 mps

C. 14 mps

D. 17 mps

Ans: A

Express 25 mps in kmph?

A. 15 kmph

B. 99 kmph

C. 90 kmph

D. None

Ans: C

The speed of a train is 90 kmph. What is the distance covered by it in 10 minutes?

A. 15 kmph

B. 12 kmph

C. 10 kmph

D. 5 kmph

Ans:  A

A car covers a distance of 624 km in 6 ½ hours. Find its speed?

A. 104 kmph

B. 140 kmph

C. 104 mph

D. 10.4 kmph

Ans: A

 A and B complete a work in 6 days. A alone can do it in 10 days. If both together can do the work in how many days?

A. 3.75 days

B. 4 days

C. 5 days

D. 6 days

Ans:  A

A can do a piece of work in 4 days. B can do it in 5 days. With the assistance of C they completed the work in 2 days. Find in how many days can C alone do it?

A. 10 days

B. 20 days

C. 5 days

D. 4 days

Ans:  B

 A, B and C can do a piece of work in 24, 30 and 40 days respectively. They start the work together but C leaves 4 days before the completion of the work. In how many days is the work done?

A. 15 days

B. 14 days

C. 13 days

D. 11 days

Ans:  D

5 men and 12 boys finish a piece of work in 4 days, 7 men and 6 boys do it in 5 days. The ratio between the efficiencies of a man and boy is?

A. 1:2

B. 2:1

C. 2:3

D. 6:5

Ans:  D

A and B can finish a work in 16 days while A alone can do the same work in 24 days. In how many days B alone will complete the work?

A. 56

B. 48

C. 36

D. 58

Ans:  B

 Some persons can do a piece of work in 12 days. Two times the number of these people will do half of that work in?

A. 3 days

B. 4 days

C. 6 days

D. 12 days

Ans: A

What number has a 5:1 ratio to the number 10?

A. 42

B. 50

C. 55

D. 62

Ans: B

Two same glasses are respectively 1/4th 1/5th full of milk. They are then filled with water and the contents mixed in a tumbler. The ratio of milk and water in the tumbler is?

A. 3:8

B. 9:31

C. 8:21

D. 10:27

Ans: B

 A and B entered into a partnership investing Rs.25000 and Rs.30000 respectively. After 4 months C also joined the business with an investment of Rs.35000. What is the share of C in an annual profit of Rs.47000?

A. Rs.18000

B. Rs.15000

C. Rs.17000

D. Rs.14000

Ans: D

In how many years does a sum of Rs. 5000 yield a simple interest of Rs. 16500 at 15% p.a.?

A. 22

B. 24

C. 25

D. 23

Answer: Option A

The radius of a circle is increased by 1%. Find how much % does its area increases?

A. 1.01%

B. 5.01%

C. 3.01%

D. 2.01%

Answer: Option D



Technical (B.E./B.Tech Domain Specific):( Based on the Student’s Experience):

  • Equation of the transportation problem.
  • auto-correlation has which symmetry: even symmetry
  • Given a PCM has a bit rate as 36000 bits/sec. and maximum fm = 3.2 kHz. Find the sampling rate.
  • Some questions were with 8051 chips.
  • the highest priority in an interrupt in 8085 is :
  • given a source voltage sinusoidal voltage v=200 sin 314t, the load resistance is 10 ohms and the angle of firing is 90 degrees in SCR. find the current options 10, 5, 5v2,
  • turn-on time for an SCR is ______ than turn off time.
  • The coefficient of pd controller is k = sinwt/wa , -sinwt/wa , costwt/wa , -coswt/wa.
  • What does the hold signal represent in 8085?
  • The peak voltage in a half-wave rectifier is v and power is p. what will be the value of voltage and power in a full-wave bridge rectifier if other conditions are unchanged.
  • a)V , P b) 2V, P , c)2V,2P
  • In a semi converter, the firing angle is 60 degrees. what is the conduction angle for the SCR present?
  • Given a G(s) 1/(s-1)(s+2)(s+3). how many times will it encircle the origin in a Nyquist plot?
  • Given a rough table with 2 rows as S4 1 2 4
  • S3 10 20, then find the number of roots lying on the RHS side of the x plane.
  • in 8085, the length of general-purpose registers?
  • What is cyclo converter ( changes higher frequency to lower one and vice-versa in one step)
  • what should be the width of PMOS w.r.t NMOS, so that current loss is minimum. ( This was based on the fact that NMOS construction requires lesser area than PMOS for the same amount current flowing through it)
  • A number of overlap SCR conducting in 1 phase full-wave rectifier.
  • blind speed can be rectified by changing by …………..
  • What type of digital circuits don’t depend on the input from previous states. combinational circuits
  • Which component of superheterodyne receivers provides image frequency selectivity.
  • Given an ampitude modulated x(t) = 20 sin100wt + 10sin300wt – 20sin50wt. find fm.
  • If the amplitude of an FM wave is made two times, then what will be its effect on the frequency deviation of the wave.
  • What is quantization?
  • If the value of e (damping ratio) is 0<1, < eqn. characteristic of roots about said be can what> imaginary, or complex conjugates, real and equal, real and unequal.
  • G(s) = 1/s2 + 4s + 25. Find the time when the output reaches the maximum for the first time (Peak time)
  • What is PUSH related to in 8085:- stack, accumulator, ………
  • Difficulty with servomotor.. (Dead space, backlash, a saturation of core…)
  • Which filter is to be used for finding the o/p between f1 and f2. (band-pass, low-pass, band-stop, high-pass)
  • What is the potential difference b/w electrodes in a cell called (positive potential, negative, electrode potential)
  • What are the three inputs of IGBT called (emitter, collector, and gate)
  • What is the instrument used to measure the movement of ear pulses called ( ECG, EMG, EFG,… )
  • What is the instrument used in ECG called?
  • Find the Z transform of u(n-5)
  • What is snubber circuit used for (increasing dv/dt, decreasing dv/dt, overvoltage protection)
  • LVDT is which type of transducer: inductive, capacitive..
  • What is transfer function in terms of transform
  • Find the Z transform of G(s) = 1/ (s+1)2
  • IF in a transfer function there are multiple repeating poles, what can be said about its stability Options: It will oscillate and will be stable, It will be unstable
  • One question was related to x-plot, y-plot, T-plot
  • One question was related to the power cup.
  • One numerical on the strain gauge.
  • One question on Bilinear Transformation (DSP)
  • One question on linear programming problem (OR)

Personal Interview (Technical + HR) ( Based on the Student’s Experience):

  • explain Kirchoff’s current law.
  • draw a circuit diagram and input-output waveforms of a 3-phase bridge rectifier, and explain them.
  • Why is a capacitor used in a rectifier, and what would change if it is replaced by an inductor.
  • What is communication, and what are problems faced in communication systems.
  • explain controller action.
  • elaborate last answer by comparing the actions of P, PI, and PID controllers.
  • Stability of systems.
  • Discussion on Lead-lag compensators.
  • all of a sudden, I was asked to tell the names of the subjects I’ve studied in B.Tech!!!
  • Polymorphism in c++.
  • Why Jindal steel?
  • being of the ECE branch, would you be able to adjust to a job meant for Instrumentation?

Reference : https://www.indianfresher.com/download-placement-papers-for-jindal/

Additional Technical Questions:

What are the applications of LVDT?
  • Displacement measurement and LVDT Gage heads
  • LVDT pneumatic servo follower
  • LVDT Load cells
  • LVDT Pressure Transducer
 What is null voltage in LVDT?

Ideally the output voltage at the null position should be equal to zero. However, in actual practice there exists a small voltage at the null position.

What is a Microphone?

It is also a transducer which converts sound energy into electrical energy.

Example is condenser microphone.

What is an instrument?

It is a device for determining the value or magnitude of a quantity or variable.

Define arithmetic mean.

The best approximation method will be made when the number of readings would give the best result.

Define average deviation.

By definition, average deviation is the sum of absolute values of the value deviations divided by the number of reading.

What are the different Standards in measurement?

  • International standards
  • Primary standards
  • Secondary standards
  • Working standards

Define transducer and give an example.

  • The transducer is a device that converts one form of energy into electrical energy.
  • A thermocouple converts heat energy into electrical voltage.
  • Write down two differences between FET and BJT

What is Thermal Runaway?

What is an OPAMP?

Explain the construction and working principle of rectifier.

How a transformer works?

Which logic gates are called as universal logic gates?

How amplifier works?

What is a power amplifier?

What is an oscillator?

What is the need of modulation in communication?

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