Embedded Engineer Interview Questions:Part-1

The following set of questions will be helpful for the Embedded Engineer interview preparation. These questions will also be helpful for semester exam preparation.

  1. Define an embedded system.
  2. Embedded systems can be classified into three types; name them.
  3. Name at least 4 (four) different types of processors that can be used as the core of an embedded system.
  4. List at least 4 (four) important considerations you will look for as a system designer while selecting a processor.
  5. List some of the software tools you would require in designing an embedded system.
  6. State at least two attributes by which the efficiency of the memory used in an embedded system can be judged.
  7. The ROM image consists mostly of what software in an embedded system?
  8. Name some of the interfaces needed in an embedded system.
  9. What do you understand from the term CISC with reference to an embedded processor?
  10. What do you understand from the term RISC with reference to an embedded processor?
  11. List various forms of memories used in embedded systems.
  12. Name the various forms of ROM as used in an embedded system.
  13. Explain the need for I/O ports in an embedded system.
  14. Why DMA controller should be used in an embedded system?
  15. What is the index register?
  16. What is the segment register?
  17. What is a device register?
  18. State the capabilities of a processor to be termed as an embedded processor that differentiates it from a microprocessor or microcontroller.
  19. What care would you take as an embedded system designer while connecting the supply rails?
  20. Besides the power supply what is the most important unit of an embedded system?
  21. What is a charge pump?
  22. Give at least one example where a charge pump is used.
  23. State the hardware units you may require to design an embedded system.
  24. Explain FPGA, SoC, ASIC, RTOS, ASSP, GPP, and OTPROM.

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