What is NDT (Nondestructive testing )?

Nondestructive testing (NDT) is that the method of inspecting, testing, or evaluating materials, parts or assemblies for discontinuities, or variations in characteristics while not destroying the utility of the half or system.

In different words, once the review or check is completed the half will still be used. In distinction to NDT, different tests area units harmful in nature and area unit thus done on a restricted range of samples (“lot sampling”), instead of on the materials, parts, or assemblies truly being place into service.

These harmful tests area unit typically accustomed confirm the physical properties of materials like impact resistance, ductility, yield, and supreme lastingness, fracture toughness, and fatigue strength, however discontinuities and variations in material characteristics area unit additional effectively found by NDT.

 these days trendy nondestructive tests area unit employed in producing, fabrication, and in-service inspections to confirm product integrity and dependability, to manage to production processes, lower production prices, and to keep up a homogenous quality level.

 throughout construction, NDT is employed to confirm the standard of materials and connection processes throughout the fabrication and erection phases, and in-service NDT inspections area unit accustomed to make sure that the merchandise in use still has the integrity necessary to confirm their utility and therefore the safety of the general public.

It ought to be noted that whereas the medical field uses several of an equivalent process, the term “nondestructive testing” is mostly not accustomed to describing medical applications.

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