Microprocessor vs Microcontroller

Microprocessor vs Microcontroller
Today we will discuss some important differences between Microprocessor and Microcontroller.
DefinitionA microprocessor can be defined as an
electronic component or an integrated
circuit (IC) where millions of transistors
along with diodes and other passive
components are integrated to perform
all the functions of a CPU.
A microcontroller can be defined as an
electronic component or an integrated
circuit (IC) that contains microprocessor
along with memory and associated
circuits to perform some specific task
for any application oriented device.
Block Diagram
What is inside?
Popularly Known asCPU on a chipComputer on a chip
ComplexityMicroprocessor based system
require more hardware due to
which overall system is bigger
in size.
Microcontroller based system
require less hardware. Which reduces the complexity.
Over all costMicroprocessor based systems are
costly as memory devices and other
peripherals are connected externally
which increases the overall cost.
Microcontroller based systems are
less expensive as almost all the
memory and required peripheral
devices are integrated on a single
chip which reduces the overall cost.
SpeedThe clock frequency of microprocessor
is in the range of gigahertz (GHz) .

2.60 GHz
Intel Pentium (R)
Dual Core

The clock frequency of Microcontrollers
are in the range of Megahertz(MHz).

25 MHz

4-BitToys ,Calculators ,Power tool controllers ,Computer Peripherals,Microwave oven,telephone dialler and etcElectronic toys
8-BitToys ,Complex Intelligent Product Controllers, Computer Peripherals, Industrial Controllers, Instruments.8-bit microcontrollers are generally
used in control applications:
Speed Control
Position Control
Process control system
16-bit/32-bit/64-bitCommunications, Intelligent Instruments, Automatic Test Equipment, Electrical Power System, Industrial Process Control, Traffic Control, Electronic Games, Household Appliances, Medical Electronics, Database Management (PC,Laptop)16-bit:-
High-Speed Control ApplicationS:
Servo control system
Robotic system
Very high-speed operation in :
Image processing
Intelligent control system
Power ConsumptionAs most of the important components
are connected externally, the over all
system consume high power.
Not advisable with stored power
or batteries.
As almost all required components
are integrated on a single chip,the
over all sysyem consume less power.
Can be used with stored power or
ArchitectureMostly ,Microprocessors are based on
Von Neumann architecture.
Von Neumann architecture:-
Single memory for program and data.
Mostly, Microcontrollers are based on
Harvard architecture.
Harvard Architecture:-
Separate memory for program and data.

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