Philips Code to Care Challenge (3rd Nov to 16th Nov 2020)

Code to Care Challenge is a hackathon from Philips, aimed at generating ideas and solutions that ensure better health outcomes, improve patient experience and enhance healthcare staff satisfaction. Philips has always invested in the workforce of the future. With this hackathon, they aim to bring the best minds in India together, on a single platform, and give the next generation ideas a chance to step forward.

Philips software developers don’t just work on code. They also work by an innate code of caring about and making life better for others. The code they develop doesn’t just result in the next gimmicky tech gadget. It exponentially elevates the level of care for everyone as part of our health continuum.

Spanning across three stages, the competition requires students to build a prototype of the Idea/solution on any of the three given problems in domains of AI, Smart Devices, and Healthcare Services. The top 10 teams will be moved to the final round for a virtual presentation to the Senior leadership team at Philips.

Registration + Team Formation (3rd Nov to 16th Nov 2020)

  • Teams to register with min 3 to max 5 members
  • Teams need to be from the same institute
  • Teams formation deadline 16th Nov 11:59 pm

MCQ (18th Nov 2020)

  • All registered team members need to take the MCQ test individually on 18th Nov 2020, 10.00 AM in one sitting
  • The MCQ test will comprise 3 sections, each section will have 10 questions
    (Section 1 – About Philips, Section 2 – Cognitive Test, Section 3 – a test of your domain Knowledge)
  • This must be completed in a time limit of 40 minutes

Idea Submission (20th Nov to 22nd Nov 2020)

  • The shortlisted teams based on the MCQ performance will advance to this round. The teams can select one problem statement, out of the given and submit a prototype
  • Teams need to submit three things: PPT, explaining the idea and the solution; 1-minute video, demonstrating the prototype; and the source code

Grand Finale (9th December 5:00 pm)

  • The shortlisted teams from Idea Submission Round will advance to this round
  • A mentor from Philips will be assigned to work on the final presentation for each team
  • Teams need to submit their Final Presentation by 9th December 5:00 pm

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